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This is Laru chan!

This time we’re back with part 2 of our Ogasawara stroll!

Let’s get started!

Tobiuo Pier (とびうお桟橋)

Tobiuo Pier is a natural aquarium! The water is crystal clear and there are coral reefs right under your feet!

My recommendation is to visit at night. Sharks and rays often come to play in the sea at night when it is illuminated by street lights! (I didn’t get to see them…)

Ogasawara Fisheries Center

Next up is a real aquarium! It’s called the Ogasawara Fisheries Center, and it exhibits the creatures of the waters around the Ogasawara Islands. There were even baby sea turtles!

And the highlight of the aquarium is this! Brushing fish’s tooth!

This fish, which is called Akaba, lets you brush its teeth!

It wasn’t forced at all, in fact, it came up to me and seemed very relaxed.

It all started when the children on the island were putting sticks in it for fun, and the Akaba was so interested that it came close to them.

Try it!

Walking around the island, you will see trees like this everywhere. If you look closely, you will see fruits like this. They are actually octopus trees, which are endemic to the Ogasawara Islands! They look like pineapples, but they’re not that sweet!

Since we’re here, let me tell you a little bit about the creatures of the Ogasawara Islands!

This is the most famous endemic species in Ogasawara, the Ogasawara flying fox. We didn’t see any on this trip, but apparently, there are night tours to see them!

This is Green Pepe, another star of the night tour. It is fantastic to see them glowing at night.

Speaking of tours, the Ogasawara Islands are a treasure trove of wildlife: humpback whales in the spring, spawning sea turtles in the summer, and the great migration of the dogtooth tuna, and sperm whales year-round. No matter which tour or activity you choose to participate in, you are sure to have a great time!

After enjoying the Ogasawara Islands to the fullest, it is time to leave.

But the islanders give us a grand send-off!

And so ends the Ogasawara chapter!

How about a trip to the Ogasawara Islands, an isolated island in the south, a World Natural Heritage site, a place of pristine nature!

Bye bye!

Let’s travel!


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