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This time it’s all about Ogasawara Islands foods!
Ogasawara is a small island, but it’s full of delicious food and specialties, so let me introduce you to some of them!

Chara Biyori (チャラ日和)

from Chara Biyori’s Instagram

I ate shaved ice at Chara Biyori!

There’s nothing better than eating shaved ice made with island fruits in the hot, sunny Ogasawara Islands!

Heart Rock Cafe

Shark hamburger

This is the cafe run by the Take Nature Academy, where I participated!

Surprisingly, the hamburger here is made from shark meat!

Very healthy and delicious!

Chari-tei (茶里亭)

The food using island ingredients is excellent! Also, the craft beer with island pineapple and chili peppers was fantastic! And the waitstaff were great people too!

Fried chicken wings

Craft beer with pineapple juice and chili added

Manta (まんた)

from Manta’s Instagram

Here I was served fish caught on the island, and to my surprise, sashimi of sea turtles! In Japan, from the perspective of protecting sea turtles, they are only allowed to eat them here in the Ogasawara Islands and in parts of Okinawa, which is located far to the southwest. In the Ogasawara Islands, sea turtles have long been a valuable food source, and their food culture is still preserved today while strictly controlling the number of turtles caught.

The meat looks red, but it has no odor and tastes very light. Give it a try if you’re ever in the Ogasawara!

sea turtle (right)

Sushi of marinaded  Spanish mackerel

USK Coffee

from USK Coffee’s Instagram

We had Bonin Island coffee at a cafe grown right here in the Ogasawara! Everything from growing to roasting is done here, and it’s coffee you can only enjoy here!

And last but not least, some Ogasawara specialties!

Here in the tropical Ogasawara Islands, you’ll find mangoes, passion fruit, bananas, and other fruits, not to mention a whole host of island specialties!

Salt, Chili Oil, honey, rum, coffee, and more!

This is banana and soft-serve ice cream I ate in a souvenir shop


Bye bye!

Let’s travel!


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