Let’s travel!


This is Laru chan!

This time I visited Misa, a crab restaurant in Tottori Prefecture!

It is located right next to Sakaiminato, a famous crab market, where you can get the freshest crabs!

Misa (美佐)

This time, we ate fresh red snow crab, for which freshness is essential, and Matsuba crab, which is known as a luxury brand in Japan.

Learn more about crabs in Japan here!

The appetizers are amazing!

And here come the crabs!

We will eat it deliciously!!

We also ordered some local sake!

Sake goes well with crab!

In Japan, there are sake breweries all over the country, and you can enjoy local sake from each region. When you travel to Japan, be sure to order the local sake!

Sashimi came first, followed by grilled crab miso in a crab shell!


Grilled crab miso

Then, steamed egg custard in a crab shell!

Crab steamed egg custard

The crab I mentioned earlier has been processed and served! Bon appétit!

The rest of the meal was spent leisurely drinking sake, grilling crabs, shabu-shabu in a pot, and so on.

And finally, we had a bowl of rice porridge in a soup with plenty of broth!

This is so delicious!

Thank you very much!

So, this time, I introduced you to Misa, a crab restaurant!

In addition to crab, Tottori Prefecture has many other attractions such as hot springs, sand dunes, Detective Conan and Gegege no Kitaro spots!

We will introduce you again!

Bye bye!

Let’s travel!


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