Let’s travel!


This time I visited Sakaiminato, a famous crab market in Tottori Prefecture.
And I’ll introduce you to the market and a nearby seafood BBQ restaurant!

I also introduced you to Misa, a crab restaurant near Sakaiminato, and some Japanese crab dishes.

Check it out!

OK! Let’s get started!

The location is here, near the border of Tottori and Shimane prefectures, and has been a prosperous port town for a long time.

Sakaiminato Marine Products Direct Selling Center

It is also the birthplace of the famous Japanese cartoonist Shigeru Mizuki, and many of the characters from his masterpiece, Gegege no Kitaro, can be seen here.

Kitaro, the main character

When you get close…

Here in Sakaiminato, we headed for the Sakaiminato Marine Products Direct Selling Center.

When I entered the center, I found a lot of marine products.

Among them, the number of crabs is outstanding.

Crabs everywhere you look, right and left!

Even in the aquarium!!

I bought crabs here (very cheap) and had them packed for me to take on the plane (of course, they can be shipped).

It’s a crab party at home, too!!

After that, I visited a seafood BBQ restaurant directly operated by the market, which was told to me by the store owner.

You can choose your favorite ingredients and have them grilled on the spot.

Crab, abalone, scallops, shrimps, and nodoguro!

I’m going to grill!

crab-cream croquette!


Bye bye!

Let’s travel!


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