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This time I would like to introduce Takoyaki.

Have you ever heard of takoyaki?

It is a very famous food in Japan, and it is easy to make at home, so you should try it!

Takoyaki is made by wrapping octopus fillets in a fluffy batter and grilling them to form a round shape! You can enjoy takoyaki with various flavors, and when you make it at home, you can arrange the ingredients in multiple ways, such as sausage, cheese, shrimp, and so on! In Japan, having takoyaki at home is called a takopa or takoyaki party!

Gindako (銀だこ)

Gindako is the most famous takoyaki chain restaurant in Japan.

All of the menu items are very attractive. My favorite is the Cheese Mentaiko.

Besides Japan, Gindako also has locations in Asia and the U.S.!

Takoyaki is widely loved in Japan, but its roots are said to have originated in Osaka. In fact, there is a common perception among Japanese people that takoyaki (and okonomiyaki) are from Osaka.

In Osaka, there are many long-established takoyaki restaurants, and one of the pleasures of a trip to Osaka is to go to several of them and compare the different takoyaki.

How to make

Takoyaki can be easily enjoyed at home. One thing you need is a special plate, but you can easily get one on Amazon!

It is very fun to prepare the ingredients and batter, and spin the takoyaki together! It’s fun to prepare the ingredients and batter and spin them around together! You can even do that!

For your reference, here is a typical recipe and a reference video of how to make it!

Click here!

Takoyaki is the soul food of Japan.

How about having a takoyaki party at home?


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