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This time, I would like to introduce you to one of the must-try fish in Japan: nodoguro!

This shiny red fish is officially called akamitsu, but it is called nodoguro because of its black throat. in Japanese, nodo mean throat and guro(kuro) mean black.

In English, the fish is also called Blackthroat seaperch! (or Rosy seabass)

This nodoguro is an amazing fish that some call a fantastic luxury fish!

I still remember how impressed I was with its taste the first time I tasted it! Especially, the fatty nodoguro is really delicious!

It’s delicious not only as sashimi or sushi, but also grilled, simmered, fried, you name it!

It has a rich flavor that is hard to believe it is a fish, the sweet fat melts in your mouth, yet it still has the texture of a white fish, and it is just delicious!

Nodoguro sushi
Tempura of Nodoguro

However, this fish was not that well-known in the first place, and its popularity seems to have grown since it was once introduced on a TV program.

Its popularity was also accelerated when Kei Nishikori, a famous Japanese tennis player, publicly declared his love for nodoguro.

At one time, nodoguro were hard to come by, and it seems that they have come to be known as fantastic luxury fish.

The most famous nodoguro production area is the northern coast of Japan, but you can find nodoguro in many places throughout the country!

You can eat nodoguro at specialty restaurants or even at sushi restaurants if they stock it!

Here, I will introduce one nodoguro specialty store!

Nodoguro Specialty Ginza Nakamata
のどぐろ 専門 銀座 中俣

This restaurant specializes in the finest nodoguro and offers a variety of nodoguro dishes!


You should definitely try some nodoguro!
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